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Welcome to Blue Ant Computer Services

We have been building, re-building and repairing computers, and accesories, for nearly 20 years. In that time we have seen technologies change, upgrade and update many times and we have kept up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in order to assist our clients with the best systems available at a price to suit their needs.

Hard Drives and Backups

disk drive

Disk drives, no matter how good the make, are prone to failure. We can help you organise a regular backup regime to save your precious data, photo's, files etc.  Should disaster strike, we can try and recover your data and install a new HDD for you.

Operating Systems

latest product

Have you heard of the dreaded "blue screen of death"? This is the common name for when your recently updated Windows crashes and all you are left with is a blue screen of gobbledygook.



How often have you bought a new printer and your computer refuses to recognise it? It happens more often than you think. It could be the OS or it could just need new 'drivers' installed.

Sound and Graphics

graphics cardIf you cannot see anything on your screen then either your monitor is not turned on or your graphics card has failed. Again, it could be something as simple as the 'driver' failing or out-of-date.
Likewise, if you cannot hear your favourite piece of music then it will be your sound card.

The Internet

the internetThe internet is a wonderful thing, until it goes wrong.
Viruses, malware, phishing are just a few of the problems for the unwary.
We can help you set up, and maintain, your security software and options to help you stop being a target.

Games and Applications

gamesAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so the saying goes.
Or, you may have bought your computer for the purpose of playing games.
Games installation, setup (together with appropriate peripherals) is available.


projectorAre you a movie buff or someone who needs to make presentations to a wider audience, then you are probably going to need a projector. Advice on purchasing and setup is available (and do not forget the special leads to link the sound system as well).

Webcams / Social Media

webcamWe all like to keep in touch, either with friends and family or work colleagues. You may even need to communicate with clients face to face without traveling for hours.
A webcam is an essential tool to allow you to do this. Some computers come with them built in but  if  not ...